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What events are happening this year? What are YC getting their teeth into?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Frieze London and Frieze Masters

If you have never heard of it before then where have you been?

It's one of the world’s most revered art fairs. It began with the launch of an art and culture magazine back in 1991 and in 2003, the brand ran its first show in London’s Regent’s Park, before spreading its wings to New York and Los Angeles. There are three fairs which are running in Regent’s Park this autumn: Frieze Sculpture, Frieze London and Frieze Masters in October. Each takes a different focus, Frieze London focuses on contemporary art – from both emerging and well-established artists – while Frieze Masters spans thousands of years of art history, from the ancient era to the late 20th century. Its amazing! with galleries from all over the world participating and here at Your Crew we are facilitating the spaces these amazing pieced of work with be displayed,

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