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Getting Work In The Events Industry

This is a question that I am often asked, how do you go about working in the events industry? Well, there are many different avenues and thousands of roles. Some people study at university and some work their way up with a company and others just drop in at the deep end and get on-site! If you fancy yourself as an event planner, a stage designer, a leading hospitality supplier or a structure rigger, working in the events industry is challenging, rewarding, exciting and two days are never the same! Have a quick read of this article by Carolyn Clayton, and if you fancy training up with Your Crew, get in touch!

Event planning is an exhilarating and dynamic job, but breaking into the business can be quite difficult. If this is the career goal then understanding it takes many people to pull off a superior meeting or huge event will help demonstrate the fact that there are many ways of getting work in the events industry. For those with no experience, this is an important concept because it could eventually lead to the dream job of a lifetime. Before applying for a job it is always recommended that research be conducted that reveals the hierarchy of event team organization. With this background knowledge is easy to understand how one's personal interests can impact the choices made. If the ultimate goal is to become an event planner or to work in event planning, finding out how to "break in" is of paramount importance. One way is to become an on-site event manager. Although not involved in the planning process itself, they are responsible for carrying out the plans that have been agreed upon between the planner can client. This often involves flying from destination to destination with all expenses paid. It is one of the most logical and effective ways of achieving the job most desired. Planning events from beginning to end take a lot of work. Additionally, working with clients, vendors, venue staff, and all the other people that make an event happen can be a hassle. Although the rewards are great, sometimes planners wonder if the headaches are worth it. By breaking into the industry through other sources, one can learn the business from the ground up making one's knowledge level and experience all the more valuable when it's their turn to plan. Hotels and venues frequently hire people just to manage events. Although travel is limited, in this case, it provides a great opportunity to work within a company who is more than willing to teach the basics to an eager novice. Additionally, it provides the experience needed to work in multiple sites that are still near one's home. This could easily lead to a position with a destination management company who specializes in the decor and entertainment found at events. There are many other positions within the industry that can help a person develop the skills required while gaining the experience needed to become a full-fledged planner. Catering, transportation, audio-visual, or working for an event production company are great ways to enter the field and develop the knowledge and experience needed to become successful in this field. Although most people look for shortcuts to the top, in event planning the best place to start is in the trenches. Due to the intensity of competition in this field, getting work in the events industry by working through the branches will provide the opportunity to develop social networks that could lead to a lifetime career in the field of one's dreams.

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